10 Days to the London Marathon!




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Day 1. Study day

Day 2. Study day

Day 3. Study day

Day 4. Run 9 km

Day 5. Study day

Day 6. Run 25 km

Day 7. Study day

Day 8. Stretch Day

Day 9. Run 10 km

Day 10. Study Day


My last long run prior to the London Marathon


I decided to complete my last long run prior to the marathon running past some of my favourite parks in London. It was a beautiful warm day and it felt appropriate after spending a morning in the library studying to escape. I started my run from Guy’s Campus, headed to Westminster. St James was Park n-1, Park n-2 was Green Park, n-3 Hyde Park, n-4 Holland Park and finally beautiful Battersea Park. Truly one of the most enjoyable runs to date, and on a gentle pace of 6:30 mins/km was able to enjoy the views!

In this hectic lead up to the marathon and exams I only managed to fit two more runs. My run yesterday was one of my fastest 10km runs (5:16 min/km pace). Having to write these updates has pushed me to train and while I train, stretch, train and stretch I have in my mind all the beautiful wishes I have been reading on virgin donation page! I couldn’t thank you all enough! 

This week I would like to express a special thanks to Annemarie and family, Zaelias, Lucinda, The Abbotts x3, Jaime Schwartz and Malgo for their warm wishes and generous donation!

I would like to say a special thank you to my mummy Lena, bro, Carol 2, Abbey, Alice, Michelle, Josh, Rachel Victoria, Costis, Lawrence Mascarenhas, Louisa, Alice, Zoe, Nap and Eleni, Rachel Wevill, Sheila, The Kabitsis, Andreas, Andrew Gee, Ben, Hassan, Beatrice, Irene, Bob and Colette, Odette, Polly, Esther, Ed and Katerina, Dr ‘Clever’,Eirini , Freya, Masha, Michael and Teresita and Takis, Vangelis, my dad- John for their donations!

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screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-19-22-12I am hoping to complete the marathon in 4h30m! I know this training will be really hard for me and I need your help! To keep me accountable, I plan to post an update of my training every 10 days, so stay tuned for the next post on 50 Days till the London Marathon!







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