The Summer Studentship Series


The Nutrition Society (NS) offers a unique funding opportunity to a limited number of students to undertake a research project during the summer months. The Summer Studentship Series on Research Girl Today is a collaboration with all students that took part in the 2016 NS Summer Studentship (NS-SS).

The Nutrition Society received a large number of applications and eight projects were selected and funded for the summer of 2016. The variety of topics highlight the diversity in the areas of research related to Nutrition. The projects included:

Elisabeth Cresta – Title of Project: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Additive Emulsifiers

Johanna Bolinder – Title of Project: A pilot study to determine the effectiveness the Change 4 Life Sugar Smart App (SSA) has on influencing sugar consumption and further investigating the affect the App has on motivating healthier eating habits in healthy adults

Caroline Day – Title of Project: The effect of delivering dietary nitrate via different food matrices on blood pressure in normotensive volunteers

Dove Yu – Title of Project: Estimating the dietary intake of “free sugars” in the teenage population in the United Kingdom

Hanna Walsh – Title of Project: Glycaemic response and satiety after consumption of gluten-free bread containing buckwheat

Cindi Bei – Title of Project: Interactions between TCF7L2 and MC4R gene variants with dietary factors on Type 2 Diabetes-related factors in the British population

Toni Spence – Title of Project: The relationship between the immune response in pregnancy, birth outcome and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA)

I decided to ask everyone a couple of questions related to their projects and general experience, in an attempt to give you an idea of the variety of projects we completed and the interesting elements of each project. My hope is to inspire more students to do research and provide useful information and tips for those who may be interested in applying for the NS Summer Studentship or other similar research projects.

I firmly believe research is the way forward in nutrition and I hope the Summer Studentship series will inspire more of you to get involved in research projects.

I will be posting daily for a week and you will have the chance to read all about our experiences and hopefully get inspired to apply to do a research project.

The 2017 Nutrition Society Summer Studentship application is now open and you can find it here or by clicking on the Nutrition Society logo below:


Please comment and let me know if you have found these series useful!

Many thanks,



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