70 Days to the London Marathon!


Day 1. 15 km

Day 2. Rest Day

Day 3. Stretch – Foam Rolling

Day4. 26 km

Day 5. Bikram Yoga

Day 6. 10 km

Day 7.  Rest day

Day 8. 5 km (HIIT)

Day 9. Bikram Yoga

Day 10. Rest Day

If you wish to sponsor me please visit Elisabeth’s Virgin Donation Page!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 22.36.46.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 23.15.22.pngIn the drizzling rain, I managed to run 15km  (6:02 mins/km) listening to my favourite podcast by Laura Thomas PhDDon’t Salt my Game. It’s the first time I run listening to a podcast and I would highly recommend it. I love Don’t Salt my Game, because it’s easy to listen to, it’s interesting, engaging and very informative! Laura has already recorded more than 30 episodes and the guest list includes some of the greatest scientists, researchers and other people involved in the area of health and wellbeing! 

On this run I listened to the podcast featuring Dr Megan Rossi (my supervisor during the Nutrition Society Summer Studentship – keep an eye out for the Summer Studentship Series on RGT- live on the 20th February!), Gut Health, IBS + Low FODMAPS.

Come the weekend, I was off to my planned long run. New route this week! I run 26km (6:07 min/km) from Southwark to Richmond. Weather was good, not to cold and thankfully not raining! Reaching the picturesque Richmond was very fulfilling, however this was not my favourite long route…Although the end of my route was definitely a highlight for this training, the run to Richmond sadly took me through some main streets that were quite busy and breathing in car emissions was not that pleasant…That still didn’t steel the smile off my face! 🙂

Richmond Bridge – Sunday, 5th February 2017 –  26 km run  

On Tuesday (Day 6), I set my alarm for 6:30 am and headed out for a 10km run prior to heading to class. Early mornings seem to work better for my runs as I feel safer running in the streets of Central London but it also means I don’t need to split my day in half as it happens when I run during the day. At the same time, most of the times I tend to be filled with happiness after my runs and this helps me be more productive during the day! 

On Thursday, (Day 8) I did my first high intensity interval training (HIIT). Due to time constrains I only managed to do 5km (F/S/F/S/F). I found this so much harder than running on a steady pace, however I will try and incorporate more HIIT sessions as I know they will make me stronger and despite finding it hard, I felt happy that I had managed to complete this run. 

I started and finished this week, with two 6:45 am Bikram Yoga classes (again yay to motivation!). Enjoyed them, however will probably head back to my Define classes next week! Although I find yoga classes great for stretching and generally a very pleasant and enjoyable way to start the day, the minute I hear instructors talking about detoxification of the body (or other similar nonsense)…My blood pressure raises…Let’s get the facts straight, we have a liver and we have two kidneys…

Final note for the training update is re: Rest Days; I take them very seriously in order to make sure I don’t wear myself out and have any injury. Rest days are usually limited to walking to/from uni which is part of my daily transit, walking up/down stairs where possible and I also try to stretch or foam roll whenever I get a chance. 


Between all the training, university and Fight the Fads it can get very busy and if I don’t plan my meals ahead it means I end up not eating the food I really like but simply grab what’s available. That’s why I tend to bulk cook. This soy salmon was BEAUTIFUL! I marinated it with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, spring onions and peppers and accompanied it with rice, mushrooms and red onions. Great sources of protein, omega 3 and starchy carbs. Ideally I would also sauté some spinach with the mushrooms! 

Dream soy sauce salmon

A special thanks this week to for the generous donation Irene, Bob and Colette, Odette, Polly, Esther, Ed and Katerina! I would also like to thank once again my dad- John, Vangelis, Eirini, Freya, Masha, Michael and Teresita and Takis, Dr ‘Clever’ for their donations!

If you wish to sponsor me please visit Elisabeth’s Virgin Donation Page!

All donations will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to the development of the research on spinal injuries.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-19-22-12I am hoping to complete the marathon in 4h30m! I know this training will be really hard for me and I need your help! To keep me accountable, I plan to post an update of my training every 10 days, so stay tuned for the next post on 60 Days till the London Marathon!


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