20 Days to the London Marathon!




PLEASE SPONSOR ME via Elisabeth’s Virgin Donation Page!

Day 1. Rest Day

Day 2. Strength exercise

Day 3. 25 km

Day 4. Rest Day

Day 5. Spin class

Day 6. Rest Day

Day 7. Gym

Day 8. Stretch Day

Day 9. 8 km

Day 10. 15km

These ten days have proven to be so much more challenging for my Marathon training than I ever thought it would be. I finally, submitted the final assignments for Year 3 and I am a month away from exams and at the same time I have committed to run the London Marathon to raise awareness for Spinal Research UK.


I am not going to lie, this commitment is hard!

My legs and feet hurt and I am struggling to fit in all my planned runs, especially when I spend 12 hours in the library the day prior a run. But if I manage to stick to my plan it should be ok…

I was lucky this week as my good friend, Myanna got me a 3-day pass for Third Space (a beautiful gym at Tower Bridge!). I managed to do a spin class there, followed by some laps in the pool and about 10 minutes in the steam room 🙂 Apart from that I managed to fit in this week only 2 more runs. My average pace for my runs is on 6:10 mins/km at the moment so need to pick this up a bit this week.

Wish me luck and please sponsor me and Spinal Research UK!

This week I would like to express a special thanks to my mummy Lena, bro, Carol 2, Abbey, Alice, Michelle, Josh, Rachel Victoria for their warm wishes and generous donation!

I would like to say a special thank you to Costis, Lawrence Mascarenhas, Louisa, Alice, Zoe, Nap and Eleni, Rachel Wevill, Sheila, The Kabitsis, Andreas, Andrew Gee, Ben, Hassan, Beatrice, Irene, Bob and Colette, Odette, Polly, Esther, Ed and Katerina, Dr ‘Clever’,Eirini , Freya, Masha, Michael and Teresita and Takis, Vangelis, my dad- John for their donations!

If you wish to sponsor me please visit Elisabeth’s Virgin Donation Page!

All donations will be greatly appreciated and will contribute to the development of the research on spinal injuries.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-19-22-12I am hoping to complete the marathon in 4h30m! I know this training will be really hard for me and I need your help! To keep me accountable, I plan to post an update of my training every 10 days, so stay tuned for the next post on 50 Days till the London Marathon!


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